Easily integrate with your ERP / CMMS and other business systems

OnPlan is built for integration. The software has many ways to move data between systems so OnPlan can become a seamless part of your asset and work management platform.

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Restful APIs and Webhooks

Formal integrations can be built around OnPlan data using one or more of the many secure API integration points. All system data is available via two-way API end points. Similarly, Webhooks are available to trigger action in other systems from events in OnPlan.

Data Import and Export

All table data can be exported directly from OnPlan for further analysis and reporting in either csv or Excel format. Large data sets such as existing FMECA sheets or asset lists can be imported via our smart Excel / csv loaders.

BI Integration

To support bespoke and complex reporting requirements, all OnPlan data can be accessed via a web connection. Clients can then build custom reports using corporate reporting tools such as Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau.

Bulk Document Import

We understand that much of your existing content is in Microsoft Word or Excel documents. OnPlan has developed routines to extract maintenance procedures from existing documents to speed up the development of structured maintenance content in OnPlan. We have an 92% success rate for automated content import, saving thousands of hours to manually map and convert content.

Custom Integrations

We work with integration partners to support ERP and CMMS integration. We have experience integrating with SAP and though our partners can provide custom integrations for JDE, Oracle, Maximo, Pronto and other systems.