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Connecting people with assets for improved performance and safer operations.

Software that empowers teams to work safer, smarter and realise more value from complex industrial assets.
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The OnPlan Platform

Asset Strategy
and Reliability

Import, build and report on asset strategies to maximise asset performance. Automate inspection content linked to strategy for end-to-end strategy management and optimisation.

Inspection & Work Instruction Builder

Powerful, no-code content builder to efficiently build, store and manage maintenance instructions, inspections and procedures ready for execution in the OnPlan App.

Work Order & Defect Management

View and link ERP, eAM or CMMS work orders, track real-time work-in-progress, collect and review work order history, manage defects and understand asset condition.

Mobile Inspections
and Instructions

Build digital ready work packages, execute work in the field, record defects, gather feedback and collect information on asset condition.

Structural Inspection Management

Track and manage crack progression and repairs with powerful 2D and 3D visualisations using OnPlan’s integrated structural inspection module.

Insights, Reporting
and Analysis

Identify and act on powerful insights to improve work management, asset performance, safety and compliance.

Solutions for Asset Services Companies

A digital work management solution for companies who perform inspections and services for complex industrial assets.

Reduction in content development time
Increase in equipment uptime
Increase in job productivity
Digital inspections and documents delivered

OnPlan builds long-term benefits and efficiencies by breaking down silos and bringing your asset management workforce together.

By sharing information between field, workshop, engineering, and management teams across the business, understanding is enhanced, productivity is increased, and assets operate safely and optimally.

Designed for operators and maintainers of complex industrial assets.

OnPlan explicitly understands asset operators' requirements. Far surpassing the functionality of existing inspection apps and form-based tools, OnPlan has been designed with powerful features to meet complex industrial asset operators' requirements.

It has the power to align asset strategy development and execution, leading to more efficient and effective operations, and a safer workplace.

A digital asset management tool that doesn't compromise on capability.

OnPlan is backed by research and development carried out with leading mining companies to better understand industry challenges.

Combined with our extensive asset maintenance experience, OnPlan meets the operational requirements for maintainers of complex industrial assets. This helps you execute your asset strategy efficiently and effectively while providing continuous improvements over time.

Lead your heavy asset operation into digital transformation.

Connecting with existing ERP platforms and minimising costs, resources and time attributed to a digitalisation project is paramount. Our asset maintenance solution, OnPlan does just that and provides long-term, organisation-wide benefits and efficiencies.

By connecting field, engineering, and management teams, communication is enhanced, and productivity increased. We transition your paper-based operation quicker than any competitor, allowing you to realise the digitisation project’s benefits sooner by reducing the time-to-value.

Our Story

We started small, by building basic work management tools for our own use. The success of these solutions, and encouragement from customers, gave us the confidence to create a new business focussing on a commercial work management software product. Many of our customer had tried existing ‘off-the-shelf’ inspection apps and form-builders to solve their problems. These solutions fell short in meeting the requirements for complex industrial assets. For example, data in these applications is natively not structured in a way that supports asset management requirements. Also, it’s not easy to build large volumes of sophisticated content and collect field-based information in a structured way.

We’ve been involved with asset management for over 20 years. During that time, I’ve visited hundreds of industrial asset operations and seen first-hand the challenges that technicians, engineers and managers face to keep assets operating effectively and safely around the clock.

A key issue faced by these operations is the different requirements technicians, engineers and managers have for asset and maintenance management. Sometimes it’s like they are all speaking a different language. In general terms, the technician is looking more practically at how an asset or plant needs to be maintained today. The engineer is thinking in terms of managing risk and employing standards and process to keep things running for the long term. The manager is concerned with ensuring the assets are meeting the requirements of the business such as tonnes moved, cubic meters processes or meters drilled. Being maintenance practitioners as well as technologists, we’ve thought deeply about this problem and how to build a tool that is used by technicians but can  easily communicate and collect information in a way that meets the requirements of reliability engineers and managers.
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