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Centralise & Digitise Work Management With OnPlan

How it Works

Accelerate your transformation with OnPlan to reap all the benefits of integrated, digital and mobile work management.

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1. Digitise Instructions

OnPlan no-code document builder makes digital document production easy.

The desktop application has an easy-to-use drag’n’drop interface. Maintenance-centric workflow ties documents with assets and equipment strategies so you work fast, but don't miss a thing.

A document import tool digitises Word, PDF, Excel and diagrams so you can leverage existing instructions, asset strategies, FMECA & 3D Models.

  • Search and re-use repeatable content & maintenance tasks
  • Automate document production from ERP records
  • Centralise document updates
Enrich Content with Workflow

2. Enrich Workflow

Use OnPlan to connect digital work instructions to Dynamics assets, tasks and and work order records.

Enrich instructions with triggers, mandatory fields and data standards. This makes instructions dynamic, presenting next steps according to your workflow.  

Efficiently generate digital work instructions and work orders based on maintenance schedules in Dynamics.

  • Automate work order documentation from work schedules
  • Trigger workflow and standardise data entry rules
  • Output to paper or digital app format
OnPlan Mobile App

3. Publish To Mobile

The OnPlan mobile app presents complex digital instructions in a user-friendly way, including interactive 3D models, digital twins and historical records.

The app format also makes it easy to efficiently capture execution data, notes, photos or mark-ups digitally.

Execution data is streamed back to Microsoft Dynamics, including a PDF report, permanently recording completed work.
  • Capture analytic-ready data at the asset
  • Touchscreen interactions with 2D & 3D models of equipment
  • Automatically record completed work in Microsoft Dynamics

End-to-End Work Management for Microsoft Dynamics Users

Digital work instructions built with OnPlan provide asset managers with more control over processes, improving asset management results.

Technicians, meanwhile, enjoy user-friendly instructionsand efficient ways to capture work.

Reliability Engineers and Planners have confidence that maintenance requirements are aligned to asset strategies and essential tasks are executed according to best practice.

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A diagram demonstrating end-to-end work instruction management via ERP Integration with OnPlan


A Rocket for Speed
100% Digital

Reap the benefits of digital sooner with OnPlan's capabilities for digitisation at scale.
Gain Control

More control over work instructions = more control over processes and outcomes.
Enhance Analytics
Digitally-captured data is ready for analytics. Zoom in on problem areas or see trends across larger data sets.
Max. Integrity

Uniting all aspects of asset management, OnPlan boosts the integrity of work.
Enhance Digital Capability
Ultimate User

Enjoy visual and interactive models, hyperlinks and rich data at the asset.
Maximise Accuracy

Capture work execution digitally to reduce admin, inefficiencies and human error.
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