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Inspection and Work Instruction Builder

A faster way to build and manage safe work procedures and maintenance instructions for large industrial assets

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Building maintenance content at scale

One of the unseen challenges of asset digitisation projects is the sheer volume of maintenance content that needs to be created or migrated to the new platform. Without a quick way to migrate or build content, the expected value from a digitisation project may never be realised.

OnPlan’s revolutionary content builder allows your team to build interactive digital maintenance content quickly and at scale. Combined with our class leading work execution app, OnPlan is the most comprehensive work development and execution platform for complex industrial assets that can truly scale across large operations.

Reduction in content development time
Increase in equipment uptime
Increase in job productivity
Digital inspections and documents delivered

OnPlan builds long-term benefits and efficiencies by breaking down silos and bringing your asset management workforce together.

By sharing information between field, workshop, engineering, and management teams across the business, understanding is enhanced, productivity is increased, and assets operate safely and optimally.

Digital Work Inspection and Inspection Builder Benefits

Best-in-class maintenance content builder

A highly flexible and efficient tool to rapidly build digital maintenance content at scale.

Reach new levels of efficiency

OnPlan makes content sharing and reuse quick and easy slashing content build costs by more than 50%.

Build maintenance documents at scale

Take advantage of linking and cloning to rapidly build consistent and maintainable content across multiple assets.

Reduce project

The quicker content can be built and transitioned, the quicker you'll start realising value from your digital project.

Management of all maintenance and operations data types for mining, energy and utilities.
Handle all
document types

Build, manage and deploy inspections, checklists, service sheets, work instructions and procedures in one tool.

Integrate to your

Asset admin is reduced by linking content directly to your ERP or CMMS. Multiple integrations are available.

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