OnPlan App

Mobile Inspections and Work Instructions

A flexible and modern maintenance execution system designed for owners and operators of industrial assets.

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Seamlessly connect the field with the office

The OnPlan Mobile App, paired with your organisations preferred mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows) connects your maintenance and engineering teams seamlessly.

Having one interface connecting your engineers and technical writers with the inspectors and technicians in the field optimises productivity, communication, accountability and oversight.

This level of connectivity provides your team instant access to live job information, including up-to-date work instructions, required tools and equipment, safety alerts and more.

Mobile Work Instruction and Inspection Benefits

Deploy work instructions in the field.
Seamlessly deploy work to your team

Automate the building of job packets and assign work remotely to the field crew. Your team will instantly see work assigned to them.

Structural inspection field data for crack management.
Collect structured field data linked to strategy

OnPlan has a structured way to collect field data against assets, ensuring compliance and making analysis and review easy.

Management of all maintenance and operations data types for mining, energy and utilities.
Execute all types of maintenance in one App

Build, manage and deploy inspections, checklists, service sheets, work instructions and procedures all in one tool.

Protect your work safety with hazard and control alerts in the OnPlan app.
Protect your workers with hazard and control alerts

Within the App, the user will receive clear notifications for information, hazards, warnings and other customisable alerts.

Interface with smart machine tools and intelligent machines and equipment.
Interface with smart tools and machines

Connect to smart tools and machines in the field to automate data collection and reduce data collection error rates.

Central database to manage maintenance and asset management content.
Deploy sophisticated content to maintain complex assets

Supports rich content such as 3D images and large data tables to assist clear communication of instructions.

Maintenance content that works across devices - Phone. Tablet. Laptop.

Structural crack inspections for large mining equipment on iphone and android devices.
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