Build, Execute and Optimise Asset Strategies

OnPlan Strategy & Reliability Module

End-to-end asset strategy development, execution and optimisation

The OnPlan Strategy and Reliability module is a practical asset strategy management tool that enables you to import, develop and maintain effective strategies for all your equipment in a central library.

The Strategy and Reliability module is fully integrated with OnPlan Mobile Inspections and Instructions. This means approved strategies can be deployed to the field and technicians can provide feedback to engineering creating an end-to-end strategy to execution solution.

Strategy and Reliability Module Benefits

Central database to manage maintenance and asset management content.
Central Strategy Database

OnPlan allows you to maintain a central asset strategy database that can be shared across the enterprise and tailored for each operation.

Shared Component Library

At the component level, a library of component strategies is maintained to ensure consistency and speed up strategy development.

Link Strategy to Execution

OnPlan's Strategy module is tightly integrated to the builder and mobile modules ensuring the right strategies are executed.

Optimise Strategy

OnPlan collects valuable data on the job performance and asset condition to support strategy optimisation and improvement.

Continuous Improvement

By linking asset strategies directly to inspection tasks, technicians can feed back information to improve the strategy.

Automate Inspections

OnPlan automates the building of inspection document sets from your strategy, saving hours of time and ensuring compliance.

OnPlan's Strategy to Execution Process


Strategies (lists of detailed tasks) can be easily built or imported into OnPlan from other systems. The base strategy is then held in OnPlan and can be updated through an optimization process.


The task board enables users to sequence tasks in real-time using an innovative drag and drop interface. This greatly reduces the time needed to refine task order before building the document.


OnPlan automates the generation of inspection document sets from detailed task lists. Documents and tasks can be grouped and ordered by many categories including frequency, trade type, plant status etc.


Detail such as images, hazards, tables and other rich elements can be added to tasks to enhance communication. A link is maintained between the task and the job step so rich items remain even if the document set is re-generated.


Using the digital Mobile App, technicians and supervisors can collect field data and feedback improvements directly from the App to the strategy. This builds an integrated continuous improvement loop from the field back into the strategy.


OnPlan insights and reporting module

With inspections linked to strategy, information, data and technician feedback collected in the OnPlan Mobile App is used to update and continually improve the strategy.

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