Aussie International Success, OnPlan features at Mainstream in Melbourne.

Geoff Boon
Chief Operations Officer
August 4, 2022
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OnPlan is set to feature at one of APAC’s largest asset management and maintenance events in Melbourne this month.

Over two days, the Mainstream conference exhibition will showcase the work management platform that’s digitising paper-based processes for sites across Australia, Canada and America.

OnPlan drives performance improvements and efficiencies by digitising asset management content like inspections, and workflow to identify, execute and close maintenance tasks in-field or at the asset.

“There are three major parts to OnPlan,” explains CEO Stuart Burckhardt from the Brisbane Head Office.

“The first part is our cloud-based builder, which develops digital versions of maintenance forms, checklists, work packs and operating instructions,” he said.

“OnPlan workflow and import tools are proven to make the digitisation of asset management content 60% faster.”

“The second is a work scheduler to link the digital content to CMMS or ERPs. This tool provides a visual summary of work progress in real-time integrates with SAP, JDE, Pronto and other work order systems”

“The third part of the solution is our user friendly mobile apps for asset maintainers. They present maintenance checklists and work instructions in a digital, easy-to-use format.”

“The OnPlan platform empowers engineers build digital content and workflow to control processes, mandate data entry, and automate predefined processes.”

“Meanwhile, the in-field technician has a nice, user-friendly interface to 3D imagery of equipment, overlaid with digital interactivity and equipment-specific instructions or checklists at the asset. The technician uses OnPlan to captures data and notifications infield to send to the CMMS or ERP,” he said.

“A lot of organisations tend to forget that documentation needs to be digitised to enable a lot of the “sexier”asset management projects, like mobility”.

The industry’s ferocious appetite for all things ‘digital’, ‘mobile’ and ‘integrated’ has placed significant pressure upon organisations to digitise work management processes and content. The task of converting tens of thousands of complex and equipment-specific documents, instructions, operational instructions, and checklists is a massive task.

“There also tends to be a lot of confusion on what digital actually is,” said Stuart. “Various tech companies are claiming to provide digital content, but ‘digital’ is not simply marking up a PDF on a screen; rather, it’s interactive, context-aware, and fully-integrated”.

With the right tools and methodology, the digitisation process can be fast and effective. As a result, companies reduce the risk of unplanned downtime generated by inefficient and error-prone processes that are directly related to paper-based processes.

If you’re heading to Mainstream 2022, visit the OnPlan team at Booth K3. If you’re not registered to be in Melbourne, book an online demo of the OnPlan application here.

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