OnPlan: A Comprehensive Digital Solution for Asset Maintenance

Stuart Burckhardt
Chief Executive Officer
November 17, 2023
min read

Advanced Document Management and Administration

OnPlan revolutionises document creation and management withits ability to classify and organise maintenance documents. The platform allowsfor categorisation based on a wide range of criteria, including assethierarchy, location, manufacturer, and task type. This streamlined approachensures that every document is easily accessible and manageable.

The administration functionalities of OnPlan are a testamentto its versatility. Configurable user access levels linked to specific rolesallow for tailor-made access controls, ensuring that each team member has theright level of access based on their site and function. The platform'sadministration function is not just about managing users; it's about empoweringthem with the right tools and permissions to enhance their productivity.

Revolutionising Document Building and Output

Document creation on OnPlan is a seamless and efficientprocess. The platform’s document building capabilities include adding multiplejob operations and steps, using a drag-and-drop interface for quick organisation,and incorporating rich text and images. This functionality is not just aboutcreating documents; it’s about creating comprehensive, interactive, andvisually engaging content that can be easily understood and followed bymaintenance personnel.

One of the most striking features of OnPlan is its outputcapabilities. It allows for documents to be exported in multiple formats,including Microsoft Word and PDF, with user-editable templates. Thisflexibility ensures that the documents can be tailored to meet the specificneeds of each organisation, maintaining a consistent, standardised, andprofessional look across all maintenance documentation.

From Strategy to Work Completion

The Strategy Module in OnPlan is a powerhouse of assetstrategy development. It allows for the creation of a detailed hierarchy ofmaintainable items for each asset, making it easier to track and manage eachelement of an asset. The module also includes functionalities for bulkimporting and exporting of FMECA sheets, streamlining the process of managinglarge volumes of data.

Perhaps one of the most innovative aspects of the StrategyModule is its ability to calculate and display the lifecycle cost for eachasset. This feature provides invaluable insights into the long-term financialimplications of asset management strategies, enabling more informeddecision-making.

Job Management and Mobile App Integration

Job management ties the detailed maintenance content to workexecution. The platform offers comprehensive work order management, allowingteams to administer work orders efficiently. This feature is complemented bythe ability to track the status of each work order, providing a clear view ofall ongoing maintenance activities.

The integration of the OnPlan Mobile App bridges the gapbetween the office and the field. It brings the power of OnPlan directly to thehands of technicians and engineers, facilitating real-time access to workorders and documents. The app’s offline mode ensures that work can continueuninterrupted, even in remote or internet-challenged environments, withautomatic synchronisation once online.

Reporting and Data Output with Power BI Integration

OnPlan’s reporting features are bolstered by the integrationwith Power BI, offering a suite of standard reports for comprehensive analysis.This integration allows for the display of all limits, cracks, and otherrelevant data in structured tables, making it easier to analyse and deriveactionable insights.

Continuous Evolution and Dedicated Support

OnPlan is a solution that evolves continuously, withfeatures under development to enhance its capabilities further. The platform'scommitment to user support is evident in its comprehensive online documentationand ticketing service, ensuring that users have access to the assistance theyneed, whenever they need it.


OnPlan stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly, andinnovative digital solution for asset management. Its extensive features, fromadvanced document management to sophisticated job management and strategymodules, make it an invaluable tool for any organisation looking to streamlineits asset management processes. With OnPlan, the future of efficient, reliable,and effective asset management is here.

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