Building better asset strategies through team collaboration

Stuart Burckhardt
Chief Executive Officer
January 6, 2021
min read

For asset intensive organisations, asset performance is a significant driver of business performance.

Developing robust strategies to determine how and when to maintain these assets is critical. Obtaining input and ongoing feedback from technical people executing the strategy is just as important.

Getting the balance right will lead to improved asset performance and reduced asset risk. Good communication between engineering and maintenance is needed to build trust and confer ownership on these important asset stakeholders.

If the strategy is not correct or not executed correctly, organisations will experience unexpected downtime, higher operating cost, and ultimately, an unacceptable level of asset risk. If a poor strategy is developed and executed without input and feedback from experienced field personnel, similar poor results and high costs will follow and the organisation may be ignorant of other, hidden risks.

Introducing OnPlan. A modern asset management platform that helps you to efficiently build, deploy and optimise asset strategies and maintenance documents by fostering greater collaboration between engineering and maintenance.

The platform connects engineering strategies and maintenance documents across the whole organisation. The capability to share this institutional knowledge across departments and sites eliminates process waste and leads to better asset performance.

Direct feedback from the field improves the strategy, avoiding costly failures and optimising maintenance events. A well-controlled strategy to execution process also ensures critical maintenance activities are performed and tracked, eliminating risks, and ensuring compliance.

OnPlan’s continuous strategy to execution approach will give you confidence that asset risks are being managed well while delivering superior performance.

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